Our World-Class Talent Search

We are seriously fussy about who we hire. To make the right recruitment decisions, we use a rigorous multi-staged selection process that involves customer-focused people across the breadth of our multi-national team.

Learn About Our Talent Search

Step 1. Basic resume vetting

Our recruitment campaigns generate a lot of local interest and we receive many applications. Qualifications and relevant experience are checked at this stage. Suitable applicants are invited to participate in the next stage of the recruitment process.

Step 2. Remote online test

At this stage, candidates complete an online test through which we measure important skills and learn more about the candidate’s background and career aspirations. Each test is scored and reviewed. Unfortunately, many candidates do not make it through this stage, but those that do are invited for a more comprehensive proctored test.

Step 3. Proctored online test

Candidates complete a detailed test that normally takes 1-2 hours. The test includes questions requiring free-form written responses about the field of interest and customer service, as well as multiple choice questions on topics ranging from technical skills to logic and numeracy. These tests are marked and scored by our team in Australia.

Step 4. Interview

Candidates who have made it this far in the recruitment process attend an interview either in-person or via Zoom (or similar). During this interview, we give the candidate the opportunity to explain their background, skills, work preferences and career aspirations in more detail. We also assess their spoken English fluency and explore their suitability for the job, taking into account factors like motivation, interest in the field, attitude, dependability and so on.

Step 5. Recruitment decision

Senior Australian and Filipino staff collaborate to determine which candidates are the most suitable for hiring. If no candidate meets our strict standards, we return to the search. If there are suitable candidates, the best candidates are selected and employment offers placed.

Step 6. On-boarding

We welcome the successful candidates to our team. Each recruit attends compulsory training in customer service, company values, our work structure, staff entitlements and so on, before eventually being ready for deployment to work for one of our precious customers.

Step 7. Deployment

Once we have completed this extensive selection, on-boarding and training process, we proudly deploy these talented experts to work with you - this is usually the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Step 8. Monitoring and Support

Our job does not stop at deployment. We continue to monitor and support the virtual assistant(s) we assign to you. We have easily accessible internal escalation pathways if your VA needs help at any time, and we are here for you as well if you ever have questions or need advice.

The Next Step

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