First-Class Facilities

In normal times, we work from state-of-the-art offices in a leading information technology park, with high-speed fiber optic Internet connections, 100% back-up power, uninterruptable power supply and 24-hour security. But these are not normal times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, for the safety of our team and to ensure uninterrupted service regardless of local lock-down measures, our team is currently working from home.

We have developed a robust work-from-home environment to ensure we continue to provide the same robust and reliable service to which our clients have become accustomed. Here’s what we have in place…

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Multiple high-speed Internet connections

Every virtual assistant has at least two high-speed Internet connections available through different internet service providers to ensure connectivity. These connections facilitate high-quality voice / phone calls.

Noise reduction for professionalism

Crisp and clear voice calls without background noise are essential for professional service delivery.

We use high-quality call-center-grade headsets with noise-cancelling features plus advanced real-time sound processing software to remove background noise and optimize call quality.

Uninterruptable power supply connections

Although electricity interruptions are rare in Cebu City, each virtual assistant has an uninterruptable power supply unit or has battery power backup to avoid sudden downtime from power blackouts.

Consequently, our VAs have enjoyed continuous power throughout the work-from-home period.

Robust IT security

Your IT security is directly affected by the security of your VA’s workstation so we carefully protect our IT infrastructure even while working from home.

Every VA has commercial-grade Internet security software guarding against online threats, but we don’t stop there. Other measures include regular security audits, data protection best practices and physical security measures.

Virtual Private Network IP-Consistency connections

Our IT infrastructure includes a secure virtual private network (VPN) which your virtual assistant can use to access your network (and the Internet more generally) if you wish.

When connecting through our VPN, your virtual assistant will have a consistent USA-based IP address for all their Internet activity, even if their local ISP-issued IP changes.

This consistent IP makes it easier for you to whitelist the VA’s IP on your network (if needed) and causes their online activity to appear US-based.

Remote IT support

Unlike freelancers, our virtual assistants are not left struggling to resolve problems outside their area of expertise.

Your VA won’t face roadblocks that impair their productivity because we provide corporate-level support including sophisticated IT technical support from experienced technicians.

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