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It's so very hard to find the best virtual assistants, but we guarantee our VAs will knock your socks off.

How We Guarantee Oustanding VAs

Virtual Assistants

We lead the industry in experience. Our VAs have an average of 12.3 years of work experience. They have fluent English, neutral accent and know how to build rapport.

Extreme Customer

Our customer retention is second to none, with an average stay of 9.6 years. We hope to build a beautiful relationship with you too.

Easy Monthly

It's so easy to hire a dedicated VA. Simply request an obligation-free trial to get started. After the trial, service is month-to-month. Cancel any time.

Save Up
To 80%

We provide immense savings compared with hiring local staff. No overheads. No hidden fees. No lock-in period. Just simple month-to-month hiring for a flat all-inclusive fee.

We Can Do Almost Anything, But Here Are Our Specialities

Customer Service

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Sales
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Data Services

  • Prospect Hunting
  • Data Entry & General Clerical
  • Online Inventory Management
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Design & Development

  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
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Listen To Our Virtual Assistants

What Makes a Great Virtual Assistant?

Regina interviews one of our highly-experienced VAs, Anthea, about what it takes to deliver excellent service as a VA.

What Our VAs Can Do For You


Delight Your Customers

Build your customer service team with fluent and friendly VAs. Our seasoned professionals can care for your customers by phone, chat, email or other online methods.


Take Over the Nitty Gritty

Sure, you can handle routine tasks for your business but why should you? Our VAs can handle all manner of organizing, processing, data entry and monitoring tasks, leaving you to focus on high-yield issues.


Work At Hours You Can't

Cater for customers and business associates in different time zones. Our VAs can start their shift at any time that suits you, so can keep your business running while you sleep.


Specialize in Your Field

We will assign a VA who has the experience, skills and interest to build a career in your field. They will accumulate knowledge and become an increasingly valuable member of your team.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

Christy did an excellent job with a do-anything attitude and was able to refer to previous instructions to get into a groove of daily tasks.


California, USA

I find your company and service to be VERY professional and I get more and more excited about "our" future work!.


Georgia, USA

Elaine has been excellent! Thanks for the help!


Florida, USA

Jasmin has been fantastic and super
awesome to work with!


Texas, USA

Your team has been awesome and wonderful! Thank you so much for all your hard work. You have saved us!.


Toronto, Canada

Hire More Qualified Virtual Assistants For Less


USD $999 /month

Standard VA

  • Highly trainable professional
  • Typically 1-4 years of experience
  • 40 hours/week (173 hours/month)
  • Choose any shift start time
  • Try free. Pay only if delighted.

USD $1499 / month

Senior VA

  • Seasoned high performer
  • Best choice for complex tasks
  • 40 hours/week (173 hours/month)
  • Choose any shift start time
  • Try free. Pay only if delighted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. To get started, all you need to do is to submit a Trial Request. No payment is required and we won’t ask for your credit card details.

    Once we assign a VA to commence work for you, you will be able to trial working with that VA for up to one week before making your decision about whether you want to proceed with hiring the VA. If you do not want to proceed then there is no charge for that VA at all. If you do wish to proceed though then we will invoice you for the next month of service. You can then pay the invoice within 3 days to secure the VA. Service is then provided on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel at any time to avoid further charges. Most customers choose to stay for years and years. We hope you will too.

  • Most of our virtual assistants are located in the beautiful city of Cebu in the Philippines – you can read why Cebu is such a great location for your VA team here. If you require a graphic designer, typesetter, web developer or digital marketer, then your assigned VA may be located in our offices in India. If you prefer for your VA to be in a particular location (Cebu or India) then we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Since your virtual assistant works exclusively for you then you can assign almost any task you wish. Our virtual assistants are not able to perform tasks that involve:

    • - Exposure to content or material that is offensive, hateful or obscene;
    • - Illegal activity or deception of any kind;
    • - Provocation or denigration of any third party;
    • - Outbound cold calling;
    • - Exposure to credit card numbers or similar payment credentials;
    • - Making payments on your behalf.

    We recommend that you take the virtual assistant’s skillset and career profile into account when assigning tasks. For example, if you hire a web developer VA and assign predominantly data entry work to that VA then the developer may quickly seek employment elsewhere to focus more on web development work.

  • As soon as you request a trial, one of our sales team will contact you to find out more about your needs. Once we have a full picture of what you are looking for we will get straight to work on identifying a VA who beautifully matches your needs.

    It usually takes 2-3 days before your virtual assistant commences work, depending on your needs.

  • If you would like to interview the virtual assistant before deciding whether to proceed with trialing them then we would be happy to arrange that for you.

  • Our full-time virtual assistants work from Monday to Friday for 9 hours each day including a one-hour meal break in the middle of each shift (so 8 hours of work each day). You can specify the shift start time when you hire a full-time VA. The shift start time needs to be the same each day so that your virtual assistant can settle into a stable sleep-wake cycle.

  • We’ll provide a phone number in your local area (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand plus other countries subject to availability) which you can use to contact your virtual assistant at any time during their shift. You can also contact your VA via email or free online text chat services such as Skype, Discord, etc. In addition, your VA will send you an email at the start and end of each shift to update you on progress and important events during the shift.

  • The payment methods available to you will depend on the country you are located in but typically include payments via credit card, domestic bank transfer, international wire transfer, Paypal and Wise. Our billing cycle is monthly in advance and you can cancel at any time to avoid further charges.

How To Hire a Virtual Assistant